Long Term Coaching


This is our most intensive coaching program. At the end of your 6 months you will have the clarity you're seeking to experience true wellness. 

Experiencing any of this?

  • Confusion on what to do next because you've tried everything
  • Continually being dismissed by doctors telling you "you're fine"
  • Unsure of the next steps to take for your health
  • Irregular and symptomatic periods (maybe missing all together)
  • Continued digestive issues like bloating, irregular bowel movements, air/gas, pain, intolerances to many foods
  • Inability to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy
  • Overwhelmed by the noise of the wellness world around you

Our bodies cannot heal in a continued deficit. 

When our minerals, calories and nutrients are lacking we cannot heal. No matter how many supplements, biohacks or workouts we squeeze in.. we remain stuck in patterns of dis-ease.

We must learn to regulate our nervous system, support our digestive tract, balance our hormones and support the adrenal thyroid system if we want to experience healing.

You're ready & I can't wait to work with you

You're here for a reason and you're ready to heal. You have seen me heal and want to experience true wellness for yourself. Maybe you've put it off because you're so sick of nobody helping you. I couldn't fit your shoes any more, I was there. God crossed our paths and I can't wait for you to experience total wellness.










Your Investment


What you get

  • 6 months 1:1 coaching
  • HTMA included
  • Initial client intake form + 60-minute call
  • (8) 30-minute follow up sessions 
  • Email access to Ashlee/team for the duration of your program
  • Discount on supplement dispensary
  • Handouts, documents and cookbook (coming soon)
  • Lifetime of balanced hormones, a regular menstrual cycle, confidence in your efforts

I have had painful periods since I was 12 years old. Had 3 surgeries when I was 23 to remove endometriosis, within three months the pain all came back. I fired my doctors and quit their stupid “anti-inflammatory diet”. I am 25 now and experienced my  first pain free cycle last month after starting to follow Ashlee's recommendation in March of 2022!! Only 5 months to heal pain that I had for 13 years. 

I had my hemoglobin and blood cell counts tested for pregnancy and they all came back looking really good! My hemoglobin has gone down a healthy amount and my blood cell counts were in perfect ranges, as someone who's battled autoimmune disorder and my blood cell counts ALWAYS being messed up that was a HUGE win for me. 

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you and all that you are doing. When I first got severe CFS and couldn’t even go to the bathroom without getting literally carried by my husband, I had no idea where to turn. You have brought me through many dark and seemingly hopeless days. So thanks for being a light in the dark confusing world of health!