Bare Naked Hormones



Simple hormone healing for women who are overwhelmed by the noise of the wellness world.

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Experiencing true healing takes time, yes.. but it's totally possible. You get to feel, look and be well again, I mean it. And you don't even have to sift through all the noise of the wellness world.


Ready for:

  • symptom-free menstrual cycles
  • clarity in the choices you make for your health
  • total wellness and understand of what nourishes you best
  • energy, joy and freedom to LIVE
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You are not broken; you're fully capable of healing.

You can balance your hormones naturally without another restrictive diet or supplement overload all while we quiet the noise of the wellness world

Between the paleo, low carb, keto and fasting we've arrived depleted. tack on the mono-cropping, pharmaceutical drugs, nutrient-void food, birth control and stress.. now we're so far from our design. So far from Eden.

Do you remember the last time you felt well, nourished and hopeful?

Most women don't and instead feel..


Out of control of their healing regardless of the effort they put in

In between diets and detoxes to get the health they so long for

Like they have to continue eliminating food groups in order to heal

As if everything is in their head and they are maybe even crazy

On their last string, unsure where to go next and unsure of the next step

Creating space for implementing changes without all the chaos

Hormone basics, biology, liver and so much more

Thyroid, our hormones and different metabolic processes

My personal favorite, hormones and nature

Diet and hormones, how diet influences your hormones

Supplements & testing, the hugely requested module 

Just a few of the 10 modules in the course, enroll now!

Meet Your Instructor & Guide

Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Simplholistic

As someone who experienced autoimmunity, PCOS and infertility, I get it. I get the pain, the frustration and the "will this actually be different than anything else?". There is nothing I want more than for you to heal. At just 14, I was diagnosed with Celiac, Hashimotos and Rheumatoid Arthritis. All of which have "magically gone away" which is odd because last I checked, we're told we can't heal?

I have helped thousands of women and clients to get from PCOS, fatigued and confused to truly experiencing wellness. I can't wait to have you.


"Just from starting to implement her recommendations from Instagram I had my second pain free period and now I'm diving into her course & seeing how out of whack my metabolism has been even though I thought I was doing everything right in the wellness community! Ashlee is so stinking smart and knows all the science behind this yet keeps it simple for me to understand!"


"What a fantastic course! Ashlee is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to hormones and how to bring them back to their proper state. This course seriously feels like a one on one consultation with Ashlee. One of the many things this course has taught me is that my body is not broken, I can heal, things can get better. There is hope for me! Thank you thank you thank you, Ashlee!"


"Ashlee is amazing! She is compassionate and knowledgeable. She helped me understand my body on a whole new level which lead to healing and a pregnancy. My son is now 1-year-old and I am so thankful for all I learned and continue to learn from Ashlee!"

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What's included

  • Bare Naked Hormones Course
  • Private course community
  • Expert live interviews
  • Handouts, downloads and guides
  • List of favorite products and exclusive codes

Well, here we are -

Unable to handle stress. Intolerant to foods, nature and minerals. PCOS. Fatigue. Irritability. Thyroid dysfunction. Skin conditions. Poor sleep. Low libido. Acne. Hair loss. Complete fear of the process. Infertility. Miscarriage. Depletion.

 It doesn't have to be this way. You are not broken and you can heal. Regardless of what your doctor told you, the tests say and you're believing. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You can experience wellness.

This Course Includes:

10 educational modules [$1500]
3-5 hours video lessons [$1000]
Private Facebook Group [$400]
Tech Wellness Tutorials [$150]
Nourishing Grocery Guide [$150]
Period Tracking Guide [$150]
FAQ Section + Personal Interviews with Experts
Downloadable Handouts & Guides
Discount codes for all recommended products
Access to my supplement dispensary

Over a $3350 value
Yours for $347 (whoa)

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  • Private community
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"The choice, after all, is ours to make."

- Rachel Carson